About the project


Sally Piper’s big tootle day is an illustrated musical adventure for children, that presents the listener with a fun introduction to the organ. Children may see the organ as somewhat mysterious with all its pipes and buttons, and this makes the adventure particularly appealing to their sense of fantasy. The characters are the pipes, that live in “The Pipedreams Mansion”. Sally is the smallest of the pipes, and she feels that the pipes do not treat each other well. One day she decides to leave the Pipedreams Mansion to find a better place to live, prompting an uproar among the other pipes, and the other flutes decide to go and look for her.

The story carries a positive message and can easily stand on its own. It can also be used for educating children in how the Organ functions as an instrument.
The musical adventure was performed for the first time in Fella- og Hólakirkja in 2015. Since then it has been performed all over Iceland for groups of schoolchildren aged 5-10, and has been very well received. Guðný Einarsdóttir has performed the music in the live performances, with Bergþór Pálsson as the narrator. The drawings are projected to a big screen during the performance. The story, with the drawings and a CD recording of the music, was published as a book in November 2015.
The story has been translated to Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English. Manuscripts with sheet music for the organist, text and drawings can be ordered here.
The story was written by Guðný Einarsdóttir, the music was composed by Michael Jón Clarke and the drawings were made by Fanney Sizemore.